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Askeri Yasak Bölge ve Güvenlik Bölgeleri Gerenal Director of the Land Registry and Cadastre Director – 2013/14 (1751) Sayılı Genelge
Tapu Procedure is Simplified for Foreign Buyers!
We have great news for all who want to buy property in Turkey. The conveyance procedure for receiving Title Deeds have been simplified for foreigners with the new regulation at Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate in Turkey.
Previously, all property title deeds needed to get special permission from the Military Headquarters in İzmir to check location of the property. İe. How close it is to military zone, strategic facility or military units. From now on, according to the new declaration if a foreign buyer has already received Military permission for the same parcel, the new buyer does not need to ask again for permission.
That means foreign buyers do not need to get Military permission from Izmir once more if it was taken before. If you purchase a property where already foreigners have received, you may collect the Title Deed as same as Turkish Citizens at the Tapu Office. You will be able to collect the tapu in 2-3 days time in place of 2-3 months time.
This law Genelge no:1751 has been adopted from 8 October 2013, after the signing by Davut Güney, Gerenal Director of the Land Registry and Cadastre Director – Askeri Yasak Bölge ve Güvenlik Bölgeleri
After the full property payment, every buyer will get Title deeds as soon as possible
Keep in your mind that you need to pay all property costs before getting the tapu. That means you need to arrange your payment before you come.